How to make the TN Govt. laptop AWESOME

Finally got you own laptop as part of the Tamil Nadu Government Laptop scheme? (Tamizhaga arasu madikanini thittam)

But its not AWESOME enough? Read more to find out how you can make it just that.

I'd like to add that none of the steps mentioned here voids your agreement with the Government as we are still using it for personal use which is all that the agreement we signed states. So, lets get it over with.

Yea its all good to get a freebie but after a while, you start feeling irritated about the Branding on the laptop bags and the laptop lid. Yea, I know how that feels like - having a hard time taking that thing out in public. But I'm here to change all that. Follow the steps in the next pages and you could be the proud owner of a brand new AWESOME laptop.


First, Lets focus on the first thing that we come across after switching on the laptop. The laptop does not have a MOTHERboard but instead it is equipped with a state of the art AMMAboard which will show the Tamil Nadu logo when you switch it on. You can't do anything about that. But what we can do, is remove the Linux Operating system.

Update: The Tamil Nadu logo also can now be removed. Just follow the steps here.


  • You don't get the annoying selection screen asking you to choose between Windows and Linux.
  • You don't have to format your entire hard disk and lose your original version of Windows 7 Professional.
  • You gain an additional 100GB of storage.

Now there are two ways to do this. The easy way, or the hard way. The hard way involves entering command prompt and rewriting the MBR partition to point to your Windows installation which you would have done by now if you were bright enough. But for apparent reasons, you haven't done this yet. So let's look at the Easy way.

Easy way:

1. Now this is really simple. Just download the software EasyBCD. It is a tool which can alter your disk's MBR (Master Boot Record) You can get it here:

2. Install EasyBCD. After install, launch EasyBCD. Once launched, click on BCD Deployment button on the left. Now under MBR configuration options, select Install the windows Vista/7 bootloader to the MBR and click Write MBR!

3. That's it you're almost done. Restart your laptop. It should now boot directly into Windows 7.

4. Now so far, you have just disabled Linux but it is still there in your hard disk. To delete it and regain 100GB space, go to start and type "hard disk".

5. From the search results that appear, select "create and format hard disk partitions".

You should see the above window.

6. Make sure you back up the data on the D: drive before continuing.

7. Now right click the 97.65GB partition and select "Delete partition".

8. Right click Local disk D: and select "Delete volume" and again right click and select "Delete partition".

9. Now you should be left with a huge partition labelled Unallocated space. If you don't see this, make sure you select all delete options on both 97.65GB Volume and Local Disk D:

10. Now right click the 50GB partition and select "Extend volume". A wizard should now pop up in a new window.

11. Just follow the steps and click Next till you get to the finish page and click Finish.

12. Now you should be left with just two partitions. Do not touch the 200MB partitions as its a system partition.

13. Go to My Computer and Enjoy! If you see a drive labelled Q: and you don't want it there, Uninstall Microsoft Office Starter edition and install any Full version of office.

Now that the inside of your laptop is AWESOME, what do we do about the outside?

Click Next to find out!



Hate the stickers on the laptop lid and the laptop bag? Want to get rid of them and make the laptop your own?

1. Well that's simple, google for "laptop skins" and choose from one of the many sites like, etc. Now tear off the sticker on top of the laptop lid and stick your laptop skin over it to cover up the mess and instantly make your laptop your own.

2. Ok, so your laptop is cool now but what about the laptop bag that came with it? It seems to be an impossible task! Well, don't lose hopes yet. That can be removed too. If you're a chick or you have a girlfriend, you're in luck.

3. Go get a few cotton swabs and some nail polish remover (Acetone).
Now this might not be strong enough so you might have to get a higher quality of remover from cosmetic shops like Angels. Anywhere else, its not that strong so if you can't afford it, you'll really have to put your muscle into it.

4. Now wet the cotton with some Acetone and apply all over the logo on the laptop bag. Now this loosens the adhesive.

5. Start peeling off the label starting with the words at the bottom by rubbing hard with the same cotton.

6. After this is done, its time to move onto the bigger ones.

7. Just make sure that once you're done with all this, rinse the area with a little soap water as leaving that Acentone on the surface for too long could harm you bag.

Now have you noticed that VLC player displays in TAMIL? Find out how to change that in the next step.


I know Tamil is your mother tongue and you respect it and all that but honestly it gets a little irritating when menu's and certain apps have Tamil in them. Good news is, you can change all this in a few simple steps:

1. Go to Start -> Control panel On the top right under "Search Control Panel" type "region" Click on "Region and Language"


2. You will get a dialog box. Under the Format tab, select the format as English(United States)




3. Under the Location tab, select United States as the current location.


4. Under the Keyboards and Languages tab, click change Keyboards A new window called "Text services and input languages" should pop up.




5. Under default input language make sure "English" is selected Under installed services, select Tamil and click the remove button, Click Apply and then Ok.

6. Now back at the Region and Language window, go to the "Administrative" tab and select "Change system locale" and change it to English(Unites States) and click Ok.

7. Now click Apply and then Ok and then Restart your laptop.

Now apps should no longer be in Tamil.

Go to the next page to know how to improve/add hardware.


The Tamil Nadu Government laptop does have its drawbacks. One of the most irritating is the lack of a wireless antenna, a DVD drive and low RAM (2GB)

But, there's a workaround for that as well if you are willing to shed a few extra bucks. You can get a wireless dongle for as low as 700 Rupees. The N150 version is small enough that you wouldn't mind the extra device attached.

You can also go to a Lenovo center and get an add-on DVD drive and a RAM upgrade.

So, go out and celebrate your new AWESOME laptop. I end this tutorial by thanking AMMA for this awesome laptop!

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